Kara Sweney


Meet Kara, keen yogi and wine connoisseur…

What makes you a Boutique Sport Girl?

I’m a Boutique girl because I love my workout time (no really!) but I also love a glass of wine (or two)…and I love my food! Oh, and shopping! I avoid the gym but love going to different types of classes at various independent studios with my friends… followed by lunch and a catch up, naturally!

What is your favourite sport/form of exercise?

My favourite exercise has to be yoga, though I do all sorts of different types of exercise and I’m always up for trying new things! Yoga gives me an all over workout and I do like that spiritual side of it. With a busy work and social life it helps me to relax and switch off and I feel amazing afterwards. It’s also better for me as I suffer with runner’s knee so the low impact of yoga is perfect to keep that at bay.

Describe your style in 3 words…

I would say my style is… a combination, some days its skinny jeans and biker boots, others its blazer and courts. I like to mix it up but I do stick with what I know, throwing in the odd trend but not diving in to a look with both feet. I adore London style and the fact that people can choose to be and look however they want.

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