Naomi Gibson


What makes me a Boutique Girl?

Living my life like its golden. I literally love living within extremes or I get bored. That means working up a sweat in the gym training for a boxing fight, then going home having a bath and painting my nails - or hitting the weights then getting glammed up in high heels and letting my hair down! Our lives are not all about make-up and looking pretty but there will always be a time and place for it!

Favourite Sport?

Boxing. Once I discovered this sport everything about me changed. I stood taller, felt more empowered, found better friends, my relationship with myself changed and I also became fitter than I ever believed possible. It took time and patience to learn the skill but by the time I grasped it I was hooked forever. There is no better feeling than pushing yourself through boundaries you thought were unreachable. Now my biggest passion in life is sharing this skill and what it does for women; mind, body and soul. I do this through my company Girls In Gloves, my vision is to take the sport to all women across the world.

High Street/designer?

I am a High Street girl at heart. I couldn't imagine spending £500 on a handbag! I do love clothes and fashion though, especially as I'm usually in gym gear being a personal trainer and boxing coach! I prefer to mix vintage one-off pieces with High Street brands like Topshop, All Saints, Joy and Urban Outfitters. My style is edgy and feminine at the same time - which pretty much sums me up. An edgy yet feminine girly girl!

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