Rachel Davison


What makes you a Boutique Sport Girl?

Exercise is a huge passion of mine; I love the feel you get after a good run or a work out at the gym. I think it is an excellent way to lift your mood. I enjoy a treat now and then, but like to earn it first as it then feels so much sweeter and satisfying knowing I deserve it for my hard work. I am a strong believer in trying everything once even if it’s not my cup of tea.

What is your favourite form of exercise?

Other the past year I have taken up running and absolutely love it, I enjoy being outside and taking in the sights as I run around new places. Whilst at University I played netball for the club. I loved the social aspect of playing within a team sport and how important team work is to achieve an end result. I am up for any form of exercise as long as I can have a good catch up with my friends at the same time, it’s the social element that I believe adds to the enjoyment.

Do you have a top tip to stay motivated?

Write down a plan in your diary of what exercise you want to do each day and tick it off if you have achieved it, it’s the little push you may need to get you out the door. Also set yourself a goal, maybe enter a race or have a holiday booked, or have a wedding to attend; when you have something to work towards you adopt a ‘can do’ attitude more often and are likely to complete the exercise schedule.

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